Authorized T Dock Dealer

Update: We no longer carry T Docks floating docks.  To learn more about our custom docks and lifts, contact us today. We can find a better alternative for you. 


To expand upon our products and provide you with more options that are reliable and affordable, we have recently become a proud provider of T Docks. T Docks are floating docks made out of cubes that can be used for a variety of things including: floating docks, landing platforms, maintenance structures – even concerts, restaurants and water sports! In addition to their easy installation and affordability, T Docks offer a wide range of advantages including:

  • Customizable
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for all Seasons (won’t get too hot in the sun!)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Made out of Recycled Materials
  • Safe for the Environment
  • Great Look


If you are curious to learn more, call us today and we can help guide you through your options and pricing so you can make your dream dock a reality!

The T Dock website for additional details can be found here: