Lake Hartwell Dock Monitoring

We can provide ongoing dock monitoring for docks located on Lake Hartwell

Dock Monitoring and Moving

At Lake Hartwell the lake level continuously changes and docks can get stranded or the walkway will come under water so you can’t get to your dock any longer.

At Master Docks our dock monitor program monitors the lake level daily and check if your dock comes close to being stranded or coming under water. Once the lake level triggers a danger point we contact the homeowner and ask if they want us to move the dock.

There is a small monthly fee for the monitoring, and if you want to move the dock there is an additional fee for the dock move.

In order to make this work the dock needs to be equipped with dock wheels and winches. If your dock is not equipped with those we can install them as well. We believe our wheel design has some significant advantages over other wheel designs.

Dock Rescue

If it’s too late and your dock is dry, we can put it back in the water. This only works when there is no boat on the boatlift though.

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