Our Process

Dock Building Process


We help guide you through every step of the process from conceptualizing your dream dock to on-site assembly.


Below is our typical process.


Step 1: Conceptualize Your Dock

We sit down with you to discuss your wants in a dock from size, design, and materials to functionality – number of slips needed, lifts & even accessories such as walkways.  During the dock building process, we walk you through existing designs that may fit your needs and works to concept new blueprints when a custom design is what is needed/wanted.


Step 2: Gather Necessary Permits

Private docks are regulated by local lake authorities and must be approved to ensure no dock interferes with the local natural ecology. Some lake management agencies also have requirements for the look/design of the docks and how many slips or types of lifts are allowed. Before moving forward, learning your local lake requirements is highly recommended.  We have compiled permitting information for many of our lakes, which you can read more about on our Lake Permitting page.  


Step 3: Design Your Dream Dock

Next, we’ll sit down and finalize blueprints for your new dock!


Step 4: Approvals of Design with Local Lake Services

After designs are drawn up, you will need to gain approval of the proposed dock with your local lake management services. We would be glad to assist with the permitting.  


Step 5: Purchase


Step 6: Build Begins

Our docks are started inside our state-of-the-art facilities in Inman, SC. There we work to build dock sections, which we will then take to your specific dock location and weld together.


Step 7: Assembly On Site

We finish our job on-site, ensuring all sections and pieces are welded together firmly for added durability.


Step 8: Quality Inspections

Finally, you’ll need an inspection from your local lake management service. We work with local regulations to make this piece hassle-free. If we know something is not allowed in a specific lake, we work closely with our clients to ensure we can meet their needs while also not violating any policies.

Our Commitment To Quality

We're not happy until you're happy!