Our Dock building Process

dock building process

Dock Building Process

We help guide you through every step of the process from conceptualizing your dream dock to on-site assembly. Below is our typical process.

Step 1: Design your dock

The first step in our dock building process is to sit down with you to discuss your wants in a dock from size, design, and materials to functionality – number of slips needed, lifts & even accessories such as walkways.  During the dock building process, we walk you through existing designs that may fit your needs and works to concept new blueprints when a custom design is what is needed/wanted.

Step 2: Options and pricing

The second step in our dock building process start when the design is completed, we will create a detailed quote, spelling out exactly what was discussed. We will also review if any other options need to be added. 


Step 3: Agree on price and schedule

The next step in our dock building process is to agree on the price and work out when you want your dock installed. We typically work on a first come first serve basis. Schedules are typically pretty accurate but permit issues or streaks of bad weather could delay the install. 


Step 4: Schedule deposit

Once a 10% schedule deposit is paid the schedule is firmed up. 


Step 5: Structural drawings

Our engineers will work on the layout and/or structural drawings required for the permit application. We can also have Professional Engineers stamp the drawings if required. 

Step 6: Dock Permits

One critical step in the dock building process are permits. Private docks are regulated by local lake authorities and must be approved to ensure no dock interferes with the local natural ecology. Some lake management agencies also have requirements for the look/design of the docks and how many slips or types of lifts are allowed. Before moving forward, learning your local lake requirements is highly recommended. We have compiled permitting information for many of our lakes, which you can read more about on our Lake Permitting page.

Step 7: Last minute changes

Once the permit is approved and we get ready to start your build we will review once more if everything is as you want it. This is the time to make changes to colors or add things like powder coating. Structural changes could still be done, but if it changes the footprint or square footage a new permit is probably required. 


Step 8: Material Deposit

Typically 4-6 weeks before we start the build we require a 60% material deposit. Once we receive the deposit we will order all your dock materials. 


Step 9: Material Order

Materials typically take 2-4 weeks to get in, unless it’s a specific custom item. When the materials come in we will plan construction of the dock. 


Step 10: Fabrication

Step 10 in our dock building prcess is to actually start fabrication. We will start construction of the dock 1 or 2 weeks before the planned installation. We first start construction on the dock frames and roof structure. Once that’s done we will powder coat or paint, if required, and then it’s time for our finishing department to float and deck the dock at our shop. 


Step 11: Discuss exact placement

When the construction is underway our Operations Manager will reach out and discuss the final exact location of the dock, and any other activities that need to be completed like the tear out of your old dock or swapping of existing boatlifts.


Step 12: Fabrication completed

When fabrication is complete our sales & operations team will reach out to discuss the installation. Our fabrication team will now load your dock on our trailers so it’s ready to go. 


Step 13: Launch Day

We typically drive to the closest boat ramp where we launch and assembly your new dock. Once the dock is close to completion we will push it over to the house where the final assembly will be done. There is typically no need to drive any of our equipment on your property and we do everything from our work boats. 


Step 14: Anchor dock

Assembling a dock is an involved process. Smaller docks can take less than a day, but large docks with complicated roof lines can take several days or even weeks. Once the dock is complete and the location is set we will anchor the dock, either with, cables, pilings, stiff arms or other agreed upon anchoring methods.  

Step 15: Walkthrough and punch out

Once the dock is complete our operations team will meet with you to do a walkthrough and address any open issues in a punch out list. When you’re happy with the dock we will invoice the balance of the dock. 

Finally, you’ll need an inspection from your local lake management service. We work with local regulations to make this piece hassle-free, we work closely with our clients to ensure we can meet their needs while also not violating any lake management policies.