Floating Boat Docks

Looking for a floating boat dock that's a durable and a low-maintenance solution for your waterfront property? 

Look no further! 

At Master Docks, we specialize in crafting high-quality, customizable floating boat docks or also called floating boat piers that offer exceptional functionality and durability.

Our floating boat docks are perfect for waterfront property owners who are looking for a resilient and hassle-free solution. No more worrying about constant maintenance or repairs!

Whether you need a single slip dock, a double slip dock, or a platform swim dock, our designs are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We’ve got you covered with a custom boat dock!

Check out our gallery of custom-designed, floating piers to see the quality and craftsmanship we offer. Each dock is built with precision and attention to detail.

Take a look at our wide range of dock types, accessories, and services. We have everything you need to enhance your waterfront experience.

Since we service many different lakes we have the expertise to work with different water situations from calm shallow waters to deep rough water, or with fluctuating lake levels. Options like a steel floating dock for rough water applications which also happen to be an economical choice, a wooden floating platform dock for a small pond or an aluminum floating dock that withstands the test of time with no maintenance.

Once you decide on your floating boat dock construction you want to look at our other options.

Let’s start wit decking material, on the economical side we offer pressure treated decking, that can be specially treated for water contact which is the so called “Marine” grade decking, or choose an indestructible wood like Brazilian hardwood or called IPE (say eepay), or choose one of the many composites we offer like Trex, Timbertech, Zuri or Wear Deck. We like Wear Deck for your custom dock because it is dimensionally stable and it has a heat reflective additive that keeps it from burning your feet during the summer time. Deck boards come in a variety of colors, however you want to stay away from the dark colors because they can get extremely hot. Most common colors that work good for a dock are a grey or brown tone in a lighter shade. In areas where there is a lot of red clay, the brown colors seem to hold up better.

Custom docks can be build many different ways, as a platform or with a roof. We specialize on covered docks and although we can build your custom dock any style there are several main roof styles. The most basic is a leaning roof or a 2 sided gable roof. Then you can do a 4 sided hip roof or a more complicated hip and half or compound roof. Finally there is the sundeck, a large upper deck with handrail around it and stairs going up to it.

We also can powder coat aluminum custom docks, which gives it a neat finish that makes your boat dock less industrial looking.

Now we are down to the finishing touches. The dock accessories. We carry and fabricate a wide variety of dock accessories. For example, what to do with your trash on the dock? We can install a trash can that’s off the decking and uses standard bags. Or fold down cleats so you don’t stub you toes. Or Flagpoles so you can fly the american flag or your alma mater flag. Want to dangle with your feet in the water, we can build you a swim bench. Do you want to launch your kayak or paddle board from the dock we can install a Kayak Stow-and-go or build a lower platform so the dock is closer to the water. Want to attract fish to your dock we can build a fish hatch with a green light. Want to store pool noodles and other inflatables? We can build a dock loft. You get the point, if you can think of it we can probably build it and install it on your custom boat dock.

Whether you require a single slip dock, a double slip dock, or a platform swim dock, our designs cater to your specific requirements.

View our gallery of custom-designed, floating boat docks here or explore our types of docks, accessories, and services below.

Aluminum Docks

Let Master Docks Build Your Aluminum Dock
Completely custom with highest grade materials. Low Maintenance, Dependable.

Steel Docks

Steel Floating Dock with Aluminum Decking and Green Hip Roof and Weathervane
Custom & Welded on Site. An Economical Dock Option.

Used Docks, Walkways, & More

Used Boat Dock
We sell used docks, walkways, lifts & more. Click to see what’s available.

Dock Comparisons

Comparisons between Steel & Aluminum Docks
Why choose Aluminum or Steel? Click here to compare dock types.

Boat Dock Repair Service

Master Docks Expert Dock Repair Services
Boat dock repairs to Roof, Decking, Dock Frame, Canopy & More. Installations for any boat dock Additions


Master Docks Dock Accessories
Weathervanes, Stairs/ladders, Swim Benches, Storage & More

Our Built to Suit Dock Roofs

Custom Installed Dock Roofs
Variety of Colors and styles. Built to last with a 25 year warranty.

Aluminum & Custom Walkways

Aluminum walkways (gangways, ramps) in a variety of sizes.