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Master Docks is your lakeEZE Preferred Retailer

We now offer great new LakeEZE dock accessory products for all of your docks needs. See our great selection of products below!

Dock Accessories

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The next generation LakeEze® Ladder® brings modern design, customization, and innovation to the forefront of lakeside accessories

  • Exclusive patented design provides easier, safer access to and from the dock
  • EzePull Technology allows the ladder to easily rotate into the stowed position with minimal effort requiring only 40 lbs of pull force for a 5-Step, 60 lbs of pull force for a 6-Step, and is rated for 10,000+ cycles
  • High-quality aluminum ladder and handrail design with stainless steel hardware and brass nuts, all rust-resistant
  • 42 degree gentle slope, it offers the same rise and run as the stairs in your home
  • Tall grab rail with tall side hoops for added stability
  • Reversible ladder handrail side with the option to have one or two handrails
  • Stable sitting surface in the water with 350lbs (5-Step), 300lbs (6-Step) weight capacity – load cycle tested 28,000+ times with no failures
  • Ladder mounting ties into frame or spans many boards to prevent damage to decking
  • Steps are made of high strength glass-filled nylon with a gentle, non-skid surface, perforated to reduce drag, making lifting easier, and come in a variety of UV resistant colors
  • Easy to follow installation instructions
  • Ideal for all ages and furry friends

-32”wide from outside of dock handrails

– Ladder width of 27 ½”

– Tread depth of11 3/4”with1 3/8”of overlap

– Riser height of9 1/2”


5-Step Version:

-86”tall at the peak of its rotation

– Bottom step is 44 3/8”below the deck height6

6-Step Version:

-101”tall at the peak of its rotation

– Bottom step is 53 7/8”below the deck height


Measure the distance from the top of your dock to the water line.

?-5 Step:Less than19”

6 Step:19”and greater

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Stow & Go®

LakeEze Stow & Go® makes it easier than ever to access your kayak. It's a dockside storage and launch system that's built to fit any lake or river front property.

  • Provides quick, safe, and easy access to your kayak from your dock
  • Capability to easily raise and lower in and out of the water, with winches available
  • Reversible Hoop allows for the system to be easily set up for landward or lakeward entry
  • Step design allows for a steady platform for getting in and out of the kayak dockside
  • Hoop also functions as a grab rail for additional stability when entering and exiting
  • Angled storage prevents rain collection
  • System keeps kayak stored above the waterline
  • Stow & Go®system ties into dock frame or spans many deck boards to prevent damage to decking
  • Patented, high-quality aluminum design with stainless steel hardware and brass nuts, all rust-resistant
  • Larger hoop option for larger kayaks or canoes
  • Maximum load capacity of 350lbs
  • Ideal for all ages
  • Easy to follow installation instructions

– Step size:30” x 8”(width x depth)

– Overall bracket width: approx. 34”

– Hoop dimension: 32” x 20”

– Overall horizontal dimension deployed: 52”

– Step adjustment up to 2’ below deck level, in 4” increments


– Kayak Version: Hoop dimension: 32” x 20”

– Canoe Version: Hoop dimension: 40” x 28”

– Winch post: 3” x 3” x 36” height

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Ramp Rack

Our exclusive LakeEze® Ramp Rack is designed to hang securely over the railing of your dock's ramp and make storing your paddleboard, tube, or kayak easy and convenient.

  • An easy solution to dockside storage and de-cluttering
  • Allows for easier access to water toys
  • Provides storage options without sacrificing any deck space
  • Made with high-quality aluminum with stainless steel hardware, all rust-resistant
  • Provides the option of additional security of belongings
  • Design can accomodate a variety of water toys
  • Holds items up to 17.25” thick with a floor depth of 39.125”
  • No installation required, simply attach to ramp using the 2 hooks

35” width to support longer water toys such as paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, floating pads, etc.

39.125” from the hanging point to the floor for a shorter reach to grab handles

17.25” inside dimension “U-Hook” is wide enough to accomodate water toys such as tubes, floats, etc.

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