Aluminum Docks

Low Maintenance & Fully Customizable Aluminum Boat Docks

Our aluminum boat docks are built with the strongest marine grade aluminum on the market. Each dock is unique due to its modular build allowing us to manufacture the custom dock in sections. Each section is welded together in a jig piece by piece on the lake. This method eliminates the failures of nuts and bolts which may loosen up with normal wave activity.

Please check out our aluminum dock gallery to see examples of our recent dock designs.

In addition to the low maintenance aluminum frames, we provide decking options that will yield years of beauty. Our 25 year ironwood decking is built with IPE, which is the most durable wood in the world preventing splits and rot. Our HDPE decking option has even less maintenance and colors that will last.

We also offer a durable, customizable metal roof, which carries a 25 year warranty. To complete your Aluminum dock, we offer a variety of LiftsAccessories & more.  With our builds being completely customizable, please contact us today to talk through your ideas for your dream aluminum boat dock.