Lake Bowen and Blalock Permitting

Local regulations that may impact your dock design


Master Docks closely monitors dock and lift regulation changes for the lakes we service. Below are permitting details for Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock, which includes materials and design information.



Lake Wardens – Spartanburg Water System (SWS)

Bowen Office: 8515 Highway 9, Inman SC 29349 Tel: (864) 592-2240

Blalock Office: 1925 Sandy Ford Road, Chesnee, SC 29323 Tel: (864) 578-5442

SWS Policies and procedures 



Marine Structure Guidelines

Maximum size


  • Landowners may only have one (1) marine structure for each qualifying parcel they own. Any permitted structure may only have a single tie to the shoreline and may not be configured in a manner so as to exceed 1000 sq. ft.

Maximum lifts


  • SWS has developed a set of standards, specifications, and construction drawings for allowable docks on the Reservoir. The maximum footprint of the dock (including all walkway, slips, lifts, etc.) shall not exceed 1000 sq. ft. A dock structure may consist of only one walkway, a dock, no more than two boat lifts, no more than two personal watercraft lifts, and no more than two boat slips.

Property line boundaries


  • Minimum 14′ away from neighbor property side line
  • No structure to extend beyond 1/3 the width of the cove
  • Minimum shoreline width 40′

Dock Lights 

  • Dock lighting must be focused downward and shall not disturb adjacent property owners or adversely impact navigation



Docks Allowed

Covered docks

24×28 Hip Roof























24×28 Gable Roof


Platform dock

Roof: All roofs need to be Hunter (dark) green in color.

Insurance: Dock insurance is required




New docks and boatlifts
All docks and boatlifts require an Spartanburg Water System approved permit. You can apply for a permit by clicking the following link: Spartanburg Water System Permit


Marine Structure Maintenance is defined as the ongoing repair of any aspect of an existing permitted marine structure (i.e., dock, boat lift, PWC lift) that does not involve replacement of any major components of the structure. Marine Structure Maintenance includes, but is not limited to, hinge replacement, resurfacing of dock walkways or floats, staining, painting, or extensive pressure washing of docks, repairing or installing hand railing, dock cabling or floats, replacement of boat or PWC lift slides to a new specification or configuration. Marine Structure Maintenance, as defined herein, does not require a new permit, but does require the Marine Structure Notification Form.




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