Lake Greenwood Permitting

Local regulations that may impact your dock design

Master Docks closely monitors dock and lift regulation changes for the lakes we service.  Below are permitting details for Lake Greenwood, which includes materials and design information.

Lake Management Greenwood

Monument Street;  Ste 19
Greenwood,  SC  29646

Phone: 864-943-2648
Phone: 864-942-8560
Fax: 864-942-3141

Marine Structure Ordinances Link

Maximum size

  • 1,200 Square foot
  • Joint Dock, 1,500 Square feet

Maximum lifts

  • 2 Boat Lifts attached to dock
  • 2 Personal Watercraft Lifts attached to dock
  • 4 Boatlifts and 4 PWC lifts attached to joint dock.
  • A free standing lift, a lift attached to the shore or a lift attached to a retaining wall shall require a separate permit. No such lift may extend beyond the 436 line  (water depth of 3 feet at normal summer pool) Nor may it extend more than 25 feet from the 439 line.

Docks Allowed

  • 1 Slip Dock
  • 2 Slip Dock
  • Enclosed structures not allowed, living quarter not allowed
  • Roof allowed, Second level deck not allowed
  • Enclosed Handrails not allowed
  • Storage lockers over 3 feet high not allowed
  • Plumbing, sink, toilet, shower not allowed.

Property line boundaries

  • 15′ from the lot line
  • No portion of a dock which crosses in front of a shoreline protection zone maybe located closer than 40 feet from the shoreline at full summer elevation.
  • Joint Dock, dock that services 2 adjacent parcels.
  • No dock shall be constructed within 20 feet of another dock.
  • If more than one dock is located on one property, the points where the docks attach to the land may not be closer than 100 feet apart.
  • No dock can extend out more than 110 feet from the 439 line.
  • No dock may extend more than one third from the parcel of land on the opposite shore and it can not constitute a safety hazard.

What is an encroachment?
An encroachment is anything which extends from lake front property into the lake bed onto County property. Examples are piers, docks, boat ramps, retaining walls and similar items.

Is there a fee for an encroachment?
Yes, there is an annual fee for docks on Lake Greenwood. Currently, the fee is due by September 1

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