Lake Lyman and Cooley Permitting

Local regulations that may impact your dock design

Master Docks closely monitors dock and lift regulation changes for the lakes we service.  Below are permitting details for Lake Lyman and Lake Cooley, which includes materials and design information.

Lake Warden SJWS

Lyman Lake Warden’s Office: 200 Lodge Rd. Lyman, SC 29365 Phone: (864) 439-4423
Lake Cooley Wardens Office: 10 Lake Cooley Dock Rd. Spartanburg, SC 29303

Dock Permitting

Only property owners with land fronting and abutting the property line of SJWD adjacent to the ponded water may be granted permits to construct or install floating docks, walkways, lights, irrigation pumps, and other improvements. If allowed, these structures will be permitted in accordance with SJWD specifications and only when they do not interfere with or impede operation of the lake and other SJWD property. SJWD may require the removal of any such structure beginning five days after SJWD obtains receipt (by registered or certified mail) of written notice to the owner. Location of the encroachments on SJWD property may be determined by siting the property owner’s lot line to the water’s edge and by siting the property owner’s line along the high elevation. A permit to construct a dock will not be issued unless the property owner has a minimum of 100 feet of adjoining waterfront property.

  • A written request for a dock permit shall be made to the SJWD Warden at PO Box 607, Lyman, SC, 29365. The application shall include a copy of the deed and plat of the property being considered, a drawing or sketch of the proposed improvements, and location of the improvements with respect to lake frontage. SJWD retains the right to limit the number of dock permits issued or to not issue a permit.
  • Written permission shall be obtained from the District prior to any activity or construction.
  • SJWD or the Warden may deny a permit or agreement for construction, as referenced in item two (2) above and in Section I, which is not suited to a particular lot because of the shape of the shoreline, or for any and all other circumstances which would endanger the health, safety and welfare of persons entitled to the use of the lakes, or would potentially degrade the strip of land owned by SJWD or the water quality of the lakes, or for any reason SJWD deems is in the best interest of the lake or property or the reservoir.
  • If the permit or agreement is denied, upon request, SJWD will furnish the applicant written notice for such denial. Such written denial will be mailed to the address on the written application.
  • SJWD reserves the right to void, to not renew, or to not issue any permits on any of its lakes or properties.

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Master Docks is your local custom dock builder for the Lake Lyman and Lake Cooley areas. We offer a variety of products from steel or aluminum docks, lifts & more and can ensure your dream dock adheres to the local permits. We are proud providers of Hewitt and Floatair boat lifts, Wave Port PWC & more.  Call us today to learn more.