In Slip Lifts

Lifts Mounted to Your Dock

In Slip Lifts can either be Floating (such as FloatAir Boat Lifts) or fixed to your dock. We offer two main models of in-slip lifts – front mount and a side mount (also known as a 4 corner mount). We also offer cable lifts for boat houses and stationary docks.

Front mount lifts mount to the dock in the front of the boat slip. The back of the boat will then first enter the water when undocking. Loading a boat onto a front mount lift is similar to pulling the boat onto a trailer. Front mount boat lifts can handle boats up to 15,000 Lbs.

A four corner mount boat lift is mounted to the dock at 4 points. This type of mount provides more even distribution of weight. The lift will submerge equally & completely, dropping the boat evenly into the water.

Our most popular lifts fit the following weight & mount requirements:

  • Front Mount – 5,000 Lbs
  • Front Mount – 6,000 Lbs
  • Side mount – 2,500 Lbs
  • 4 Corner Point Mount – up to 15,000 Lbs
Why we like Float Air:
  • Heavy duty galvanized frame
  • Robust pump controls
  • Minimal amount of moving parts
  • Polymer bunks are durable and stay clean
  • Heavy duty lift tank design
  • Beaver / Musk rat guard available for hose protection
  • Proven lifts for 25 plus years
To learn more about the various lifts we supply, install, and repair, contact us today.


Float Air Front Mount Lift

Float Air Four Corner Lift

Hewitt Floating Boat Lift