Stand Alone Boat Lifts

Do Not Require Attachment to a Structure

We carry an array of boat lifts, which do not need to be attached to an existing dock to operate. When looking at Stand Alone lifts, however, the solidity of the lake bottom must be tested to ensure it can properly support the lift. Also water depth is a big consideration. If interested in any of our Stand Alone lifts, contact us and we will survey your location to ensure the lift will work as planned.

We offer a line of Hewitt Stand Alone Lifts which vary by weight of craft from 1,600 Lbs up to over 10,000 Lbs. Below are a few popular models:
2600 HL – up to 2600 Lbs
3800 HL – up to 3800 Lbs
6600 HL – up to 6600 Lbs

Why we like Hewitt

  • Every connection point is secured with the proper type of hardware. A combination of stainless steel, Durlak coated hardware and brass is used to achieve the required strength and/or corrosion resistance.
  • Electric winches raise and lower lifts with the flip of a switch. Hydraulic systems feature a wireless remote control.
  • The lifts we build are low maintenance and designed to make installation and removal as easy as possible. Hewitt products are built like no other, using stronger materials and smarter design features to give you greater value.
  • Robotic welders ensure consistent, high-quality welds throughout the supporting structure, and our accessories designed to aid installation and protect your lift are made with the same commitment to quality.

Hewitts are perfect for shallow water 2’ up to 10’ and crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum with stainless steel hardware. While they can stand alone, we typically install them next to your dock. We have canopies available to keep your boat out of the damaging sun and can even custom fit a metal roof if desired.

To learn more specifically about Hewitt lifts, visit their website or contact us today.

Hydraulic Lifts

We also carry several key accessories to make utilizing your boat lift easier. See below for our top Lift accessories: