Our Favorite 2021 PWCs

Ready to hit the lake and make some waves? PWCs (personal watercrafts) also commonly referred to as jet skis, are the best way to rip up some water and get some speed. In 2021, some of the top brands revamped their lineups, adding high-tech features for safety and enjoyment. While we don’t sell jet skis, we’ve reviewed the top jet ski brands and made a list of our favorite 2021 models offered by each. If you recently bought a jet ski or looking to upgrade, don’t forget a high-quality lift to protect your vessel. We offer Wave Armor Port and Sunport PWC lifts and would be happy to get you set up with one that will work with your model. Contact us today to discuss.


Brands discussed:

Sea-Doo Wake Pro

Sea-Doo Fish Pro

Sea-Doo GTI

Yamaha Waverunner Ex Series

Yamaha VX Cruiser HO

Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310

Kawasaki Jet Ski STX



Brand: Sea-Doo

We are in love with some of the newest Sea-Doo 2021 designs. Not only sleek but thoughtfully designed with all-day water sporting in mind. From the small touches of where to add speakers, to the added length for lounging on the swim platform, Sea-Doo’s lineup has a perfect jet ski for anyone. Here are our favorites:


Sea-Doo Wake Pro $15,000+

The Sea-Doo Wake Pro is a swiss-army knife of jet skis. The vessel is a towing jet ski and claims to be the sturdiest on the market.  It has a wider hull for better balance and control when using in calm waters of a lake or choppy ocean currents. This jet ski carries one of the highest starting prices in the Sea-Doo lineup and for good reason. The Wake Pro was designed to be multi-functional and top-of-the-line.  Here are some of the awesome features that make the Wake Pro a top choice:

  • Additional space on sides & back for easier boarding
  • 100W bluetooth audio you can blast Call Me The Breeze when you’re rolling down the…lake…  😉
  • Built-in features to house ski & wakeboarding gear, including retractable handles
  • Pre-programmed speed and acceleration programs for various sports
  • Water-resistant storage compartment under handlebars
  • On-water intelligent braking system for quicker braking response 

Sea-Doo is one of the founding jet ski manufacturers and with decades of designing high-performance watercrafts under their belt, you can’t go wrong with any model. Here are some of our other favorites from the 2021 lineup:


Sea-Doo Fish Pro Scout $15,500+

Feed your passion for fishing while pleasing the whole family. Built for the occasional angler with an active lifestyle, the FishPro Scout is an ideal blend of affordable fishing and family fun.

  • Improved stability
  • Great combination of fun-factor and fuel efficiency
  • Up to 3 passengers
  • Large swim platform with LinQ attachment points
  • Fishing features: 3 Fishing rod holders, fish finder and GPS, bench seat and trolling mode


Sea-Doo GTI $9,099+

The GTI is built for family fun. We love this model because of the large swim platform that can double as a storage area. Sea-Doos offer the LinQ system which is a snap-in storage feature. You can snap on coolers, fuel, and anything else you need.  The hull is built for stability like many other models and with the added bluetooth speakers and programmed riding modes, this jet ski is perfect for bringing a kid or two along on the water for a fun day of stunts and swimming. 



Brand: Yamaha

Yamaha has some of the top-rated jet skis for 2021 based on user satisfaction ratings on PersonalWatercraft.com, especially when looking at full-sized versions that can hold 2-3 passengers. Here are our favorite Yamaha jet skis for this year:


Yamaha Waverunner Ex Series $6,999+

As part of their recreational lineup, the EX series has two models that we like – the EX and EX Sport.  The differences lie in the towing features that are added as part of the base price to the Sport package. 

The EX base unit starts at $6,999 and has all the basic features most request in jet skis, making it a perfect option for those just starting out or wanting a budget-friendly option. Each model comes with storage compartments in the front (albeit smaller than what we see with the Ski-Doo models), Bluetooth speakers that can pop off to tote onshore, tow hook, and a comfortable swim/boarding platform.  With the award-winning 3-cylinder Yamaha TR-1 Engine, this series offers fantastic fuel efficiency.  

The Sport version adds not only fun, bright colors for a sportier look, but the jet ski has added features that make it an ideal base option for those wanting to tow. A reboarding step is added to the swim platform and dual mirrors provide better angles for monitoring your skiing adventurist behind you.  The sport model has one of the highest user ratings for a 2-3 passenger jet ski on PersonalWatercraft.com.


Yamaha VX Cruiser HO $12,049+

The VX Cruiser HO is an awesome family jet ski.  Heavier than the EX base models, this jet ski is about 10 inches longer and holds 5 more gallons of fuel. This added length not only adds stability but more room for passengers, making it a more comfortable ride than other options. The 2021 model offers a more ergonomic design with integrated speakers, an LCD screen for controls, and new deck and seat designs. 




Brand: Kawasaki

Like Sea-Doo and Yamaha, Kawasaki has some great options for those looking for a quality jet ski. Many of their models are more built for speed and tricks, so let’s take a look at the ones we prefer. 


Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310 $15,499+

The Ultra 310 line, as you progress in price, adds on some solid additional upgrades, but the base model stands strong on its own. The Ultra 310 seats up to 3 passengers, adjustable handlebar, and Kawasaki Smart Steering, which monitors speed and steering to assist in handling the watercraft in more difficult steering conditions. Quick wake zone mode and fuel efficiency assistance are additional bonus features. The shape of Kawasaki’s jet skis, with the deeper V hull, add to managing waves and turning sharper than other jet ski models. The Ultra 310 series is a solid option for those needing a 3 seater without any compromise to performance.


Kawasaki Jet Ski STX 160 $9,799+

Another three-seater, the STX is a paired down model compared to the Ultra 310, but still has outstanding engine and handling performance. The STX lineup offers a 1,498cc Engine, electronic cruise control, storage, and comfortable seating. You can upgrade to the LX model to get an additional bluetooth stereo system, luxury seating, and additional hull graphics and mats. 

For 2021 models, Kawasaki lacks the advanced braking system that we see on Sea-Doo or Yamaha. This is fine for those most comfortable with handling jet skis but if you are a beginner and are looking for a little extra “help” in maneuvering, the other manufacturers’ options might be a better fit. 



Interested in a stand-up model? We’ll dive into those more in a future post. Stay tuned!

Can I have a PWC on my lake? Depends on the lake. The best place to check to see if your local lake allows or restricts the use of PWCs on the water, check the lake’s management resources as well as our Lake Resources section. You can also review the state’s approved boating restrictions for specific lakes on this link.