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The Ultimate Guide to Floating Boat Docks Types, Benefits & Considerations

Floating boat docks, the convenience and durability they offer to the all-important aspect of aesthetics, we’re unpacking it all. It’s no secret that floating boat docks are essential for waterfront property owners,...

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Let Master Docks Build Your Aluminum Dock
Floating Boat Dock Insurance for Homeowners

What is boat dock Insurance? The price of floating docks ranges from $5,000 to $200,000, with permanent pier dock costs as high as $500,000. Requiring such a hefty investment, these items are...

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Floating dock versus Fixed dock
Floating boat dock versus Fixed boat dock?

What is the difference between a floating boat dock and a fixed boat dock?  Floating Docks First of, a floating dock is a type of dock that moves up and down with...

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