Dock Moving, Rescue, & Relocation

We provide dock moving services for docks located on Lake Hartwell

Dock Move, Dock Rescue, and Dock Relocation


Making the dock moveable

At Lake Hartwell the lake level continuously changes and docks can get stranded or the walkway will come under water so you can’t get to your dock any longer.

dock wheels

In order to make the dock moveable the dock needs to be equipped with dock wheels and winches. We believe our wheel design has some significant advantages over other wheel designs. At Master Docks we provide services to make your dock moveable, like adding winches, anchor rings, stainless cables, shore anchors or Wheels and Jacks.


Dock Moving

We provide dock moving as a service, when your dock is close to being under water or at risk of running dry we can come out and put the dock back in place. We will make sure the cables, winches and anchors are all properly secured.


Dock Rescue – for all the lakes we service

We can also rescue a dock when it came loose, is sitting on land, or is underwater.

Stranded DockWalkway Under Water




Dock Relocation

We also provide services to relocate your dock to a different area when you sell the dock. We can even dismantle and rebuild at the new place.

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