Dock Repair

We’re here to help with boat dock repairs, maintenance, lift repairs, modifications & additional installations.

Master Docks offers multiple boat dock repair and maintenance services from replacing roof materials and decking, refloating, to replacing lift motors. Also included in our boat dock repair services are modifications and additional installs of items such as accessories and lifts.  We can even relocate or disassemble your dock if needed. See below for a full range of services we offer.

Dock Repair & Maintenance Services:

  • Replacing boatlift canopy with vinyl or with metal roof
  • Changing boatlift from V-Hull to Pontoon and vice versa
  • Welding broken hinges or connections on aluminum or steel docks
  • Installing dock loft(s)
  • Installing swim bench
  • Installing cantilevered dock box
  • Pressure washing your dock
  • Removing your old decking and installing new decking
  • Staining your dock
  • Moving boatlift
  • Moving a dock from one location to another
  • Beaver guard for your boatlift hoses
  • Replacing your boatlift air motor
  • Refloating your dock, installing new floats
  • Removing an old dock

Emergency Repairs:

  • Reinstalling boatlift canopy after storm
  • Resetting dock after storm
  • Recovering your dock if it floated away
  • Reinstalling anchors and cables
  • Welding broken hinges or frames

Need help for something not listed? Reach out to us today on our contact page and we’ll be in touch shortly.