Aluminum & Custom Walkways

Easy Installation Boat Dock Walkways

Master Docks provides custom boat dock walkways (gangways or ramps) for new or existing docks. Our boat dock walkways have an aluminum or steel frame for durability and can be customized through a variety of decking options. Longer walkways can help you to get into deeper water so you don’t have to move your dock with changing lake levels.

Straight walkways are typically used for shorter lengths up to 28’ they come without handrail and keep the view unobstructed.

Our most favorite walkway style is the arched walkway with handrails, the handrails are a reverse truss system and are the strength of the bridge. Single piece arched walkways start at a minimum of 10’ and go up to 60’. Typical width is 4’ but can be customized to meet square footage requirements or handicap access.

We will come to your home and inspect your current walkway, and decide on the proper way to attach the new walkway to your current dock. We can also remove the old walkway. Once your new boat dock walkway is built, we will come by boat to install it.

Our walkways are typically finished with Aluminum, PVC, or Iron Wood decking. We can even match your existing dock decking if we can obtain the same material for a seamless look.  To learn more about each decking type, visit our Dock Accessories page.  Below are a few examples of color variations available with each type of decking material.


For new or replacement boat dock walkways, ramps or gangways, please contact us today for a quote.