Warranties and Terms

Master Docks, Inc. warrants any new dock, new walkway, new components, or new accessories manufactured by it against manufacturing defects in material, when properly maintained and under normal use and service for a period starting at the time of original purchase and extending for a duration defined for each type of dock system, according to the following list:

  • Painted or galvanized Steel Docks & Walkways: up to 5 years
  • Hybrid Docks with Steel Base Frames & Aluminum Roof Structures: up to 5 years
  • Aluminum Docks & Walkways: up to 5 years
  • Wooden docks: 5 years
  • Dock System Accessories principally manufactured from Steel: up to 5 years
  • Dock System Accessories principally manufactured from Aluminum: up to 2 years
  • Workmanship issues: Up to 5 years
  • Dock and Lift components: as per original manufacturer’s warranties. 

The warranty applies to the original owner and is not transferrable to subsequent owners. Dock systems must be installed by an authorized Master Docks, Inc. Dealer. Do-it-Yourself or Kit-Dock Installations are excluded from this warranty. This warranty is limited to parts or components manufactured by Master Docks, Inc.  The liability of Master Docks, Inc. is limited to repair or replacing, at its option, any component(s) found to be defective. The warranty does not cover items not manufactured by Master Docks, Inc., such items will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty if any.  This warranty does not cover charges for service calls or labor.  This warranty does not cover shipping or transportation costs for parts or components. This warranty does not extend to any used or refurbished docks, walkways, components, or accessories sold or given away, or consigned by Master Docks, Inc.

Master Docks Inc. makes no warranty beyond the terms contained herein. There is no implied warranty or warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Seller disclaims liability for Incidental or consequential damages. This warranty does not cover any Inconvenience, loss of use, loss of time, loss of Income, or any other special consequential damages of any kind or nature.  This warranty does not extend to docks constructed on any waterway which is regularly used to transport goods by a barge. This warranty does not cover any dock used for commercial purposes of any kind.  Master Docks, Inc. disclaims liability for damage to boats or other watercraft, docks, dock systems, boat covers, or dock-related accessories for any reason or circumstance.

This warranty does not apply to, and Master Docks Inc. makes no warranty, expressed or implied with respect to normal wears and tears, chips, scratches, abrasions, discoloration or fading, corrosion, damage caused by storms or other acts of God, damage caused by misuse, neglect, abuse, unauthorized alterations or exposure to harmful chemicals or harmful environmental conditions, damage caused by failure to follow basic maintenance procedures such as keeping bolts tight or other mechanical connections, damage caused by failure to grease, lube, clean or otherwise protect materials or components, damage caused by failure to adjust the docks anchoring system to compensate for fluctuations in water level, damage cause by incorrect use or setup of boat lifts or PWC lifts, damage caused by collision with a vessel or floating debris or impact of any foreign object, damage caused by the wake of commercial or privately owned vessels on navigable waterways.

This warranty is governed by the laws of the state of South Carolina.


The original owner must provide Master Docks Inc. with documented evidence of any defect. Any claim should be submitted within 1 week of discovery and accompanied by a copy of the original invoice, proof of invoice payment, photographs, and a description of the defect.

All claims should be submitted in writing to Master Docks Inc., 120 Crow Road, Inman, SC 29349

Order Approval

  1. Order approval indicates full acceptance of documented work scope and purchase terms, and forms an agreement upon the product, prices, terms, and conditions
  2. Customer shall indicate that they accept and approve of this purchase agreement by completing the following actions: Communicating approval in writing via email, text, signing the quote or by Paying the deposit, if applicable

Payment Terms

  1. A schedule deposit of 10% of the full quoted cost is required for all products &/or services over $1000. A 50% Material deposit will be required at the time of material order.
  2. Master Docks, Inc. reserves the right to waive or adjust deposit amounts
  3. Full balance is due upon principal work completion (i.e., delivery or installation of product); up to 5% of the total outstanding balance may be withheld pending completion of any punch list.
  4. Over-due balances are subject to late payment fees. Up to 5% of the total outstanding balance, will be added to the balance due every 30 days late.
  5. All dock systems and components remain the property of Master Docks, Inc. until the balance of the sale is paid in full.
  6. Master Docks, Inc. reserves the right to access and reclaim assets without notice if balances are outstanding over 90 days. This is your notice.
  7. Master Docks, Inc. may submit over-due balances, late payment fees, and costs for asset recovery by 3rd party collection service providers, in accordance with applicable laws


  1. Scope changes requests must be submitted in writing
  2. Scope change requests are not binding until
    1. The customer receives a written quote that they, in turn, approve, OR
    2. The customer provides a verbal or written change-order approval that Master Docks, Inc, in turn, documents by updating the work order for the job.
    3. Schedule
  3. Projected lead time for your service work or the delivery/installation of your dock project begins from the receipt of your initial deposit, your approved permit, and your written order approval, whichever is later
  4. Orders are scheduled in sequence based on the date of the schedule deposit, delays in weather for example can delay dock builds in front of your dock build which in turn can delay your project.
  5. Any permit fees payable to lake management authorities are solely the purchaser’s responsibility. Permit delays could bump your schedule sequence.
  6. Lead time or progress status updates are provided upon request, otherwise, customers may experience a period of several weeks without contact
  7. Master Docks, Inc. is not responsible for delays due to acts of God (flood, rain, tornado, snow, global pandemic, etc.), supply chain disruptions or volatility, etc.

Equitable Adjustments

  1. Master Docks, Inc, reserves the right to make equitable adjustments to contract price when material costs Increase or decrease more than 5% between the date of contract approval and the date materials are purchased
  2. If an equitable adjustment is deemed necessary, Master Docks, Inc. will provide reasonable documentation of the estimated raw material costs based on then-current supplier prices at the time of contract initiation and the supplier’s actual price at the time of purchase


  1. All work is final on the day of principal work completion unless other terms are negotiated and agreed to in writing prior to work completion
  2. Customer must provide written punch-list within 5 days of principal work completion
  3. Up to 5% may be withheld, by buyer, from the balance pending punch list completion


  1. Custom ordered &/or custom-built items such as dock systems, dock components, accessories, etc. are non-refundable & non-returnable
  2. Customer may be charged a restocking fee of up to 25% for non-custom products such as standard boat lifts, PWC lifts, dock accessories, etc.


  1. Cancellation requests must be submitted to Master Docks, Inc., 120 Crow Road, Inman, SC 29349
  2. Order cancellations are subject to a minimum cancelation fee of 10% of the total order cost. Master Docks, Inc. reserves the sole right to decide whether to waive a cancelation fee.
  3. Customers may forfeit up to the full deposit if an order or job is canceled without suitable cause. Master Docks, Inc. reserves the sole right to decide whether a cancellation cause is suitable. Non-suitable cancelation causes Include, but are not limited to the following examples: changes in financial circumstances, changes in preference or perceived value, schedule issues related to weather or supply chain issues or other acts of God, deciding to sell the property associated with the dock, opportunity to buy a dock elsewhere, opportunity to buy a used dock, or other causes outside the influence of Master Docks, Inc.
  4. Depending on the progress made toward completing a job at the time of cancelation, the customer may be responsible for paying up to the full contract amount plus any legal or collections costs, and/or costs for asset recovery.


  1. Master Docks, Inc. does not assume any liability for damages to persons, animals, boats, dock systems, dock components, or other property due to acts of God (flood, wind, rain, tornado, snow, ice, global pandemic, etc.), abuse, negligence, or accident.
  2. Master Docks, Inc. does not warrant or guarantee any used products and does not assume any liability for damages associated with any used products
  3. Master Docks, Inc. will provide required support documentation for lake management review for permit purposes, and other documentation by request for specific HOA or other reviews/approvals. Customer is responsible for ensuring their color, material, layout, or other specifications comply with applicable HOA or other entity requirements.

Note: Master Docks, Inc. reserves the right to change, modify or edit posted purchase terms at any time, without notice.  These Purchase Terms or governed by the laws of the State of South Carolina.