Winterize your Float Air boat lift

At the end of the South Carolina season you want to make sure your Float Air boat lift is in good condition for our mild winter. Here are a few tips to keep your lift in pristine condition:


  • Keep your lift in the “UP” position in the winter, do not let it hang down in the water.
  • Clean off any debris from your float tanks and algae from the sides of the tank.
  • Inspect the hoses to make sure they are not damaged from rubbing on the frame, of being pinched by your boat. A leaking hose will mean your lift will do down.
  • If there is any evidence of rodents chewing on your hoses, ask Master Docks for beaver guard protection to prevent a hose leak.
  • Open and close the hose valves to make sure they work. If you are not using your lift for the winter close the valves.
  • Make sure all the bolts on the lift are tight, ensure the “stop” on the side guide is tight and secure
  • If you have access to a pressure washer clean of the galvanized frame, this should help preventing rust
  • Make sure the pump is unplugged and in the “Store” position


You are all set until next season!