Winterizing your floating dock

At the end of the boating season you will not use your dock for a while, and you will need to make sure it will be properly secured to prevent damage. Here are a few steps you’ll need to take to get it ready: 


  • Inspect the anchors at the land side, make sure it is solid in place and does not show any signs of movement.
  • Make sure the anchor cables are not frayed or brittle and that each cable end has at least 2 clamps and is properly attached to the anchor.
  • Inspect the cable winches, make sure the toggle pin is working properly and the winch locks. Inspect any loose connections. Grease the gears and potentially replace the winch if it is not locking properly.
  • If you have pilings, inspect if they are still secure, they tend to come loose over time. If there is a PVC cover inspect for wear, potentially replace the PVC cover. With pilings you also need to check the piling hoop or collar, make sure it’s not wearing through and that it is securely attached.
  • Walk around the dock and look for any broken welds, loose bolts, cracks and so on and make a plan to address those.
  • The walkway is typically anchored either with a pin or a hinge, make sure these are still in place and not show any signs of loosening.


If you have any questions, give us a call and our team can help walk you through this process.